The Basilisks

Feared throughout the ages by everyone and everything, the Basilisks were always held in high regard by the dragons. Whether through fear of their incredibly toxic poison (said to be able to poison water supplies and rot fruit, vegetables and crops), their ability to kill beings with a single glance, or the fact that they were renowned strategists and tacticians, isn’t clear.

What is clear is the historical importance of the Basilisks. They were personally selected by Artorius the Seer, to be part of the ‘agreement of races’, and were committed to the binding and irreversable ‘humanity prophecy’, alongside the Dragons, the Manticores, the Heretics of Antar and the Hydra Queen herself. The prophecy is still bound to this day, and is thought to be the last that Artorius ever induced.

Sometime after the being part of the prophecy, whispers had it that the Basilisks had problems of their own. A faction not content with being one of the most important, and major contributors to the wellbeing of the planet, decided that they were worthy of more power and control. This breakaway group was thought by some to have used their magical abilities to change themselves into even more formidable adversaries. Rumours at the time suggested that on top of their already deadly skill set, their changes allowed them to kill by touch and gave them a very poisonous breath that destroyed anything it came into contact with. These mutations/changes also made this grouping more aggressive than their more reasonable relatives. A civil war engulfed a period of some decades, with the aggressive Basilisks eventually being wiped out, but at quite a cost to the rest of Basilisk society. It is this weakening of the Basilisks that is thought to have afforded the Nagas the opportunity to sucessfully attack and wipe them from the face of the planet. It is not known if any Basilisks still survive. In theory it is possible in the most remote regions of the world, but dragon historians (of which there aren’t many) theorise that if any of the Basilisks had survived, then they would have at some point, reached out to the Dragons for some help…something that seemingly has never happened.

They will forever be remembered as the best guardians of anything that needed keeping safe, for their ability to protect and guard was possibly their greatest magical property.

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