Dragon Lore

The Dragons Part 2

It wasn’t long before dragons started to work together. At first it was for personal gain. As the leader of a gang, you could sit back and watch your minions do all the work, while you quite literally reaped the rewards. The leaders, however, always had one eye over their shoulder, for there was always another dragon looking to place himself in the ‘hot seat’. Fear, treachery and assassination were commonplace. In most parts of the world, the infighting lasted centuries, and devastated what would have been a thriving population. But here and there, small pockets of dragons working together to form communities would pop up, much to the disgust of the gangs and their leaders. Hard fought battles between the groups were won and lost on an almost daily basis, so booming and widespread was the dragon population.

Some of these dragon communities found themselves living inside, or around, many of the large volcanic disturbances that defined this particular age. Many dragon historians believe this is when dragon individuals, and dragon society as a whole, became captivated with lava, and the chance to live beneath the surface of the planet. The larger caves offered more than the necessary heat the dragons sought, while providing safety and shelter from the elements, and the few remaining dinosaurs that may have acted as predators.

The communities that based themselves in and around the volcanos thrived, due to that sage environment, and because the heated ground in the surrounding caves proved the perfect place for dragon eggs to incubate and finally hatch. In a matter of generations, the communities spread out, swallowed up or destroyed all of the remaining gangs in the wilderness, and started a pattern of living that can still be recognised today in the dragon domain, throughout the world.

It is believed that in this age, much time was dedicated to learning all about the planet. As well as hunting, plants, animals and minerals were all studied in minute detail, forming the basis of some of the very early mantras. Many of the communities revered every aspect of nature, and would go as far as to leave the young alone, from any flock or herd of animals that they raided for food, realising the impact of sustainability. These very principles underpin dragon society today, and can most definitely be traced back this far.

The Dragons Part 1

It had started as an accident. Pure and simple. The ellipitical orbit of the meteor had lasted in excess of four months, during which time thousands of tonnes of debris had spewed out across more than four fifths of the world. The impending impact would spell the end of the dinosaurs. But thanks to the magical properties of the laminium ore secreted throughout the meteor, a complete fluke would give rise to the race of beings that would go on to rule the planet.

As with everything, it started slowly. The effect of the laminium on the particular strands of DNA in some of the prehistoric monsters left roaming the Earth took generations to take hold. And generations more to start mutating into something remotely recognisable as a dragon. Immunity to heat and fire was the very first change initiated by the magical metal, and just in time. For everywhere around them the extinction of the dinosaurs carried on because of the raging temperatures, the molten lava (something the dragons would come to love) and the rampaging forest fires throughout the lands everywhere.

Not long after that, other strands of DNA were altered. Strength, understanding, desire and a fighting instinct all asserted themselves in less than a century. This was the final nail in the dinosaurs’ coffin. Already fighting the changing elements of the planet, they now became prey to not only a terrifyingly ferocious predator, but one whose intellect was beginning to show. Slowly the dragons took over the skies, and then in turn the ground. Individuals roamed everywhere except the Poles, and soon learned to work together, well…………nearly. The most powerful, dominant individuals used their cunning and guile well. Under the threat of violence, they coerced other dragons into working for them. Then in gangs, they would reign terror everywhere they went. This became pretty much the norm for many centuries, long before intelligent man roamed the earth. The period itself became known as the ‘Age of Barbarism’ and has long been consigned to the forgotten realms of dragon history. But it was at the very start of this period that the, by modern standards, primitive dragons discovered their telepathic abilities, although at the time they didn’t exactly recognise the skill. Of course, they just used it as a weapon, some using it to control other dragons, others using it in battle, some dragons using it to extract precious information, and some using it just because they could. It was a brutal and devastating time in dragon history. Many a dragon had been driven insane by other dragons invading their mind, mentally raping them if you like. Another long forgotten aspect of this was the belief at the time that by consuming another dragon, you gained his mental strength, adding it to your own. This has never been conclusively proven, and is something that few dragons even know, but was common throughout this age.

“It appeared as if from nowhere, seemingly beautiful in either the night or day sky alike. From the ground, the solar dust surrounding the huge meteor sparkled like fireflies as it passed across the sky in its elliptical, low Earth orbit. The bountiful creatures of Earth’s vast plains looked on, barely giving the new arrival a second thought. Second thoughts, were after all something of a luxury in this era…mostly it was eat, or be eaten. Stopping to think should have come with a government health warning, and may have, had the dinosaurs been smart enough to form a government. Days passed into weeks, weeks into months and still the light show in the sky continued, all the time getting fractionally closer. Most of the dinosaurs continued as normal, some though were spooked every time it entered their field of vision, and either hid, or were taken over by madness for a short time. Because of the regularity due in main to the trajectory of the now glowing meteor, dinosaurs all over the planet, whether on land or in the sea, had by now become accustomed to its habitual arrival.

And so it was during the fourth month of the meteor’s visit, a booming noise started to accompany it’s ever decaying path. The ground quaked, the oceans whipped up into a frenzy whenever their paths crossed. Until the inevitable happened. During the heat of the day, and with debris strewn off of it at a rate defying belief, gravity finally won the mother of all battles. Somewhere over a huge landmass the impact occurred. Of course the dinosaurs, small and large alike had tried to outrun it…but to no avail. It was like trying to outrun destiny itself…….there was simply no point in even trying to lace up your trainers. The impact itself could be felt across the entire planet. Continents parted, mountain ranges shook, oceans boiled, rivers changed course,……..animals and plants alike DIED!

The impact crater was unlike anything the planet had ever experienced. The ground in that area still gave off heat centuries later. That was how it happened, and that was where it started. For us it was only the beginning. Who would have known that the core of all the rock, ice, minerals and solar dust carried on that potentially planet destroying, galaxy sized marble, was made up of the single largest laminium deposit in the solar system. This is when WE were born. Yes..dinosaur DNA is an integral part of us. But we are so much more. We fight about the meteor! Destiny, or a fluke of nature…call it what you will. We will never truly know. But that impact, collision….call it what you want, changed our world in ways we may never understand. We should embrace that. We should hold on to that. And we should protect this stunning planet with our last breaths, because we may just be one of the tiny pieces in the most intricate of puzzles.”

The ‘Big Bang’ theory presented by Professor Moth Scoundrel.