Bentwhistle The Dragon

It all started a long time ago. Not long after my eldest daughter was born, in fact. I had a dream, and thanks to the encouragement of my wife….I turned that dream into words. It took many years for it to happen. I had to teach myself to type…properly. And then I had to find snippets of time in which to actually write the story. But eventually it happened, and I found myself having written a whole book. The book itself contains a mixture of almost everything that goes on inside my tiny little head. There’s the hockey of course…something so dear to me, and something that I’ve no doubt has altered the course of my life. Dragons and the fantasy world in which the story is set will have been heavily influenced by my reading habits and my love of computer role-playing games. The characters……….well, anyone who knows me well will recognise some of the characters in the story….my friends, in the real world. Of course, this is where reality blurs into fiction. My friends aren’t really dragons, or any other of the fictional ideas in the story, but their names. a little, twisted or warped do feature. It would be easy to tell you which ones, but I’m afraid I won’t……….that’s for you to guess, and see if you’re right. Try and imagine who I’d be friends with, see if their names ring a bell. And lastly…..the main character. While not solely based on me, we do have a great deal in common. It wasn’t until I’d written rather a lot of the story that I even realised that’s what had happened. I didn’t set out to write it that way, and again, of course I’m not a dragon, but we do share a lot of traits; the most important in my mind is the way he carries himself, the way he acts and exactly what he believes in…….his friends! So I urge you to take a look, delve into the fantasy world that combines dragons with humans, hockey and laminium ball, technology and magic, friendship and kindness, deceit and treachery, history and fate, the past and the present.

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