Author Interview……..Lorna Dounaeva

A Little About You……

I’m a politics, social psychology and European Studies graduate and I worked for the Civil Service, primarily the Home Office for a number of years. I have two small children and a quirky sense of humour.

A Little About Your Writing…

My debut novel, FRY, will be on Amazon in March. Here’s a brief synopsis:
It’s a terrible thing not to be believed…
When Isabel Anderson nearly runs over mysterious Alicia McBride, she is ridden with guilt. She helps Alicia get a job at the supermarket where she works, and soon, Alicia is acting like her new best friend. But then strange fires start to break out all over the small seaside town of Queensbeach, including at the caravan park where Alicia is staying. Isabel suspects Alicia knows more than she’s letting on and grows increasingly nervous when her friend Deacon invites Alicia to stay with him. But it’s Isabel the police suspect.
Determined to confront Alicia, Isabel bursts into her room and sees the word ‘FRY’ branded across her back in capital letters. From then on, she sees the word “FRY’ everywhere she goes; in graffiti, on toilet walls, even on car registration plates. Then her beloved cat, Fluffy disappears and Isabel is convinced Alicia is behind it. She puts up posters all over her neighbourhood, but as fast as she puts them up, someone takes them down. Soon, a whole spate of fires is breaking out and Isabel must stay one step ahead of the flames, and the police. In order to survive, she must question her own innocence, her sanity and the very fabric of her morality. Can she win back Deacon? And will she ever find Fluffy?

FRY is a fast-paced psychological thriller in the tradition of Sophie Hannah and Julia Crouch

What Inspired You To Start Writing?

I have always wanted to be a writer. I think I decided that’s what I really wanted to be when I was about five, though I have tried my hand at a few more ‘realistic’ career choices along the way. Actually, I was named after a novel – Lorna Doone, so I really had little choice about what I should become.

How Has Writing Changed Your Life?

I have always written and always wanted to write, but completing my first novel makes me feel very happy and fulfilled and I can’t wait to start writing the next one, which is already forming in my head.

What Is Your Favourite Book, Ever?

Gone with the Wind, unfortunately. The unfortunate part is that Margaret Mitchell didn’t write any other novels that I know about, although Alexandra Ripley wrote an excellent sequel – Scarlett, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I love the book most of all because of the characters of Rhett and Scarlett. They are fantastic, it doesn’t matter to me that the book is set in the American Civil War. Those characters would be great in any setting. And because the book is so long, I really felt I knew the characters by end. In fact, I miss them!

What Is The Best Piece Of Writing Advice You Could Give, And Why?

Give yourself a deadline! I started to write FRY, years ago, with a vague hope of completing it and getting it published. I ended up having two children before I finished writing it, and even then, I think I would still be lingering over it if I hadn’t got tough with myself. I would also say, cut back on the editing until you have your first draft. I cringe when I think of the time I wasted, playing about with words and scenes that ended up getting cut from the finished novel anyway. Not that time writing is ever wasted, but I have so much more I want to write, and I long to get going on the next one.

If You Were A Dragon, What Kind Of Dragon Would You Be?

I love this question! My favourite dragon is from a card game called Kaboodl. There are three dragons in the game, one blue, one green and one red. My favourite is the green one. He has a devilish little smile, and a twinkle in his eye. Actually, I think they are supposed to be lizards, but they definitely look like dragons.

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