What A Week

Normally there are so many things going on that my head seems to be constantly spinning, but this week (and it’s only Wednesday) has been something else. Here are the two that stick out.

Salisbury Charter Fair

Every year at this time, the market place in Salisbury is taken over by the brilliant Charter Fair. Starting in 1227, seven years after the building of Salisbury Cathedral started, it’s still going strong. I’ve been going for as long as I can remember. Many decades. And for me, the last few years have given it a new lease of life. While it was terrific going as a teenager, and then going throughout the years with my hockey mates, it’s much more satisfying going now with both of my children, fourteen and eleven respectively. While the younger of the two doesn’t fancy the scarier rides (just like her mother) her sister has started to get a bit braver. So we ventured onto some of the faster rides, (not the two scariest) and had a little fun. Check out the pics.





























































Odd Weather Conditions

Driving home mid-morning on Monday, out of nowhere, the sun suddenly became extremely red, and the clouds took on a deep yellow hue. Immediately I grabbed my camera on returning home and took some pictures from just outside my front door. Take a look.


Your thoughts are much appreciated..........Thanks!