Summer Holidays

With the summer holidays in full swing, I’m most definitely a full time dad at the moment, ahead of everything else, writing included. It seems to be the case of having to find pockets of wellness in my eldest daughter for us to have a day out anywhere, and luckily enough over the last week or two we’ve managed a couple of days out.


Ski-bobs at the wonderful Snowtrax just outside of Bournemouth kept them quiet for ages, despite the threatening weather, and with us stupidly having not bought any waterproofs with us. (Dad’s fault.) SAMSUNG CSCWatching them have so much fun was a delight, and not something with my eldest daughter’s illness that happens too often.

Reverting to type, and visiting our favourite place…..Swanage. A break in the weather, and again, all of us feeling okay, led to an early morning start, seeing us arrive before almost everybody else, and be one of the first on the beach itself. Many hours of fun, (after I’d blown up the dinghy) ensued, on a lovely spot on the main beach. A customary visit to the railway, the town and of course the putting greens made for a very long, and very enjoyable day out.


The writing side of things hasn’t totally been forgotten, and if you’ve checked out my website you’ll find there are a few changes, as well as a hidden glimpse of what’s to come. Book 3…..nearly there. Also you’ll be pleased to hear the short story (I say short…..35,000 words) about the young dragons in their youth is finished and being edited, with a view to being given away as part of an email subscription to a monthly newsletter. Hopefully available soon.

Happy Holidays!


Your thoughts are much appreciated..........Thanks!