Another Great Day Out!

Getting up before 7am on a Sunday morning. Whose stupid idea was that? Mine actually, and the rest of the family went along with it, mainly due to my dislike of getting stuck in traffic. That and the fact that if you have children, or if they’re anything like mine, then generally they’re up early anyway, so you might as well go out early, miss all the traffic and have a great time. So up before 7, on the road at 7.25, arrived in Swanage, Dorset at exactly 8.25. Fantastic!

The beach just starting to get busy, mid morning

A quick stroll along the beachfront on arrival, having already bagged a very near, and very free car parking space, a trip to the newsagent to pick up a paper, followed by a look in the ‘Toy Shop’ that was open unfeasibly early for a Sunday, and we were all ready to go. So, back to the car, pick up the million things we’d need, UV tent, buckets, spades, cut-off wetsuits and shoes for the kids, picnic blanket, a change of clothes and then……………BANG! Straight onto the beach. When we arrived at 8.25, the temperature was 19°and surely by now, 45 minutes later it had increased. So, a two minute walk to the beach, five minutes to set everything up, sun cream for everyone  and then……….BOOM, well over four hours of fantastic fun in the clear, warm, stunning and safe water that this country has to offer. We had just the best time. The whole family were in the sea, kids with their wetsuits on at first, and then later with just their costumes. Mum and Dad in just their normal swimming kit. The water, while not tropical, or swimming pool warm, was just fine temperature wise, clear, sandy underfoot, and a gorgeous place to be. I must have stayed in the water this morning for well over an hour, playing with the kids.

My youngest trying her best to splash her poor old dad……….hmmmm!

And things didn’t end there. After coming away from the beach before the scorching heat really took hold, we as a family wandered around the diverse, well stocked and original shops, my kids both blowing at least 2 weeks worth of pocket money across the board. (And no I’m not on commission from the Swanage tourist board, if there is such a thing.)

The Swanage railway station terminus from a previous trip. The station sits right in the middle of the town.

Anyhow, I just wanted to let you all know what a great day I had, and also about the delights of the lovely town that we like to visit so often, summer and winter alike. A few of the other things there that we didn’t get around to today include a trip on the steam railway (one of my most favourite things to do, more so in the winter. A class of children, from the school I work at, went to Corfe Castle last week and also travelled on the railway. Quizzing them, I know that each and every one of them had a wonderful time.) The 18 hole putting course, adjacent to the beach, is another family favourite………and let me tell you, things can get very competitive in the Cude household when it comes to this. And NO! Daddy doesn’t always win.

Cude junior trying her best to make a put, while her serious mother looks on, hoping that she misses. Again, from a previous visit.


Other things on our list to do on our next visit include the 18 hole pitch and putt and some of the great surrounding walks, including the one that takes you up overlooking ‘Old Harry’s Rocks’.

Whether you live near or far, in the UK, or just visiting from abroad, you really should take yourself down to Swanage, at the very least, just for the day. I can thoroughly recommend it, and it’s worth every second of getting up early for.

Your thoughts are much appreciated..........Thanks!