The Nagas

All Nagas resemble serpents in some way, shape or form. Looking mainly like the cobra, with half their bodies off the ground most of the time, some show glimpses of human-like form. Arms and a human-like chest are not uncommon. They like to live in shallow, remote ocean areas, underground caverns, or on the odd occasion hard to reach waterways. Examples over the last two centuries include outreaches of the Amazon river, and crocodile infested areas of the river Nile.

Ancient human writings tell of Nagas bestowing blessings on individuals, villages, crops and entire regions. Their reputation for hoarding wealth or treasure was second only to that of the dragons themselves.

The Nagas were rumoured to be displeased at not being part of the signing of the ‘agreement of races’, as well as not being told of the so called ‘humanity prophecy’. Some say it was this that caused the devastating and brutal war against the Basilisks, although the Hydra Queen herself strongly denies this ever really happened.

Throughout the ages the Nagas were assumed to have magic comparable to that of the dragons. It was said to renew them and prevent them from being easily wounded or killed. Some thought that they too could have the power and ability to change their forms….although this was never substantiated.

No one has heard from the Nagas as a race for many centuries despite dragons watching for signs of them throughout this time. It’s assumed that they are in the cold waters of either Antarctica or the Arctic, provided that the race itself is not indeed extinct.


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