What Sort Of Dragon Would I Be?

What sort of dragon would I be? I imagine: a small, sleek dragon with delicate wings that would look good when folded in against my body. Tiny ears would sit well on my smooth skull. My teeth would be less savage than those of most dragons, taking on an almost human like quality. The claws on my feet would be rough and ignored, while the flame I would produce from my mouth would be more ‘warm and inviting’ than ‘burn you to a crisp’. The colours of my scales would range from matt white, through to an icy light blue that would reflect my flame beautifully.

I’d like to think I would be kind and caring,  and I would have a job involved with teaching – whether in the human world like ‘Richie’ in my book, or perhaps as a ‘tor’ (a dragon teacher in the nursery rings).

The character of Peter in my book is loosely based around me, so of course I would be a hockey playing dragon.

I would hope to have lots of friends, but only a handful of really close ones. I would of course one day meet my dragon soulmate and live happily ever after with her and our dragonlings!

Your thoughts are much appreciated..........Thanks!