This Week’s Hockey

No match report from me this week as I ended up umpiring….something I haven’t done for some time, and because it was a league match, I found myself concentrating very hard indeed. So hard indeed, that after the game when I thought about the match with a view to writing something down, it soon became apparent that my view of things was particularly sketchy, because I’d been concentrating so hard on umpiring well.

All I can really tell you about the game is that we were playing Blandford 2nd XI away, had to meet at……….8.15am…OUCH!, we lost 6-0 and we scored our first…..’own goal’…..OUCH!. That really about covers things from my point of view. Blandford deserved to win the game, whether by that many it’s hard to judge, but they were a much better side, passing it around brilliantly at times, and some of the goals they scored were very good indeed. We definitely had chances to score, but unfortunately couldn’t take them. We need to learn from playing teams like Blandford, and although it’s not easy, we need to take in how they play, pass, and move off the ball….all of which they did really, really well. We as a team most certainly have the ability and the know-how, but my opinion is that we need to use our brains a little more, and work a little harder off the ball. Anyway…..what do I know……….it’s only an opinion.

Looking forward to next week…………our first home game of the season. Hopefully a full report from an exhausted sweeper……….already looking forward to it……….well, maybe!

Your thoughts are much appreciated..........Thanks!